Australian Aboriginal Artist Liddy Napanangka Walker

Liddy Napanangka Walker works with Warlukurlangu Aboriginal artists and was born in 1925 at Mt Doreen and spent her younger years living with her family in bush camps. She regularly visits her country around Mt Theo and west of Yuendumu. She has lived in Yuendumu, a Warlpiri community in the Tanami 300km Northwest of Alice Springs, since it was first established and has worked in the community in various pastoral care roles including as a cook.


Liddy Napanangka Walker Yuendumu Aboriginal Artist
Dogwood Tree Dreaming
Cat. No. 1642
76 x 91 cm
AUD 968
Liddy Walker Yuendumu Aboriginal Artist
Bush Tomato Dreaming
Cat. No. 1655
122 x 183 cm
AUD 13,200