Colleen Wallace Utopia Aboriginal Artist
Colleen Wallace Utopia Aboriginal Artist

Colleen Wallace

Woman's Dreaming
Cat. No. 7510
Acrylic on Linen, Year 2009
41 x 56 cm (16" x 22")
AUD 330
Colleen's immaculate brushwork and her paintings display qualities that few other desert painters have achieved. This in particular is the case when she paints the stories related to bush food and ceremonies. Those paintings show an astonishing control over line pattern and effect. Colleen says that explaining to children and others the way her ancestors lived and survived in the bare desert environment of her home country is important to her. That's why she feels inspired to paint campsite stories where women sit together after collecting bush plums and other food, looking for bee hives and collecting honey and looking for water holes since the knowledge about those allowed them to survive.