Bluey Roberts – 0068

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38cm x 26cm
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Bluey Roberts – 0069

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40cm x 26cm
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Bluey Roberts – 0070

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39cm x 25cm
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Bluey Roberts – 1243

Private Collection
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90cm x 45cm

Bluey Roberts is one of South Australia’s most collectable indigenous artists. He is known for his carved and painted emu eggs, decorated boomerangs and landscape paintings. He was born at Meningie on the shores of Lake Albert, at the northern end of the Coorong. From his mother, who is of the Ngarrindjeri people and his father, who is Kokatha, Bluey inherited a rich tapestry of interconnected kin and land affiliation. This is reflected in all his artworks. Bluey derives his inspiration from his Ngarrindjeri culture and the landscape of his childhood, the waterholes, caves, cliffs, bends and twists of the Murray River. His carvings and paintings re-tell the traditional stories and culture he learned from his parents and grandparents. In depicting the spiritual areas of both his father and mother, Bluey’s works illustrate scenes and spirits of the bush, stories associated with the Murray River and its creation, the Coorong and the adjoining sea in South Australia. Bluey Roberts’ artworks have been exhibited widely in Australia and overseas.

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