Aboriginal Artist Gabriella Possum NungurrayiGabriella Possum Nungurrayi

Born: c. 1967
Skin Name: Nungurrayi
Region: Papunya
Country: Mt Allan
Language: Anmatyerre
Subjects and Themes ( Dreaming): Seven Sisters, Black Seed, Bush Coconut, Women’s stories from Mt Allan
Gabriella Possum is the eldest daughter of the most renowned Papunya artist Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri and Emily (Nantakutara) Nakamarra, both deceased.


Her father died in Alice Springs in 2002; on the day, he was to receive the Order of Australia for his incredible contribution to Indigenous art. Gabriella and her younger sister, Michelle has started painting at a young age alongside their iconic father. His influences are apparent in her works, yet she has found a style of her own.

In 1985 Gabriella won the prestigious Alice Springs Art Award while still a student at Yirara College, at the age of 16. Her paintings depict stories from the Mt Allan area, Seven Sisters, Bush Tucker, Serpent and Goanna Dreamings. Using different techniques of dotting and bold and vivid colours, her highly decorative pieces of art are very collectible.

Gabriella has exhibited all over Australia, New York, London, Paris and many other cities worldwide. Being considered as one of the most culturally important artist of her generation, her works are part of the permanent collection in the National Gallery of Australia.

Year 2008, was a ground-breaking year for Gabriella, when she was invited to paint 20-metre mural at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show in London. After the show one of her paintings was presented to HRH Queen Elizabeth II and is now a part of the Royal Collection.
Gabriella is the highly-gifted artist and one of the most celebrated contemporary Aboriginal female painters around the world.


Painting/s by Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi: