Aboriginal Artist Janet Long NakamarraJanet Long Nakamarra
Born: 1960
Language: Warlpiri
Country: Willowra, Northern Territory

Janet Long Nakamarra was born in 1960 at Anninie on her traditional homelands of Warntapari, near Willowra Community in Central Australia. She grew up living a traditional lifestyle with her family. She was introduced to art depiction through observing her aunt’s May and Molly Napurrula and learnt how to paint traditional body paint design for her Warntapari Dreamings. Janet is the daughter of fellow artist, Nora Long Nakamarra, sister to Doreen Dickson Nakamarra and half sister to well known and talented artist Malcolm Maloney Jagamarra. Central Art has a large collection of Malcolm Maloney Jagamarra’s artworks as well as paintings from Nora Long and Doreen Dickson.


Janet’s paintings can be found in several well known art collections in Australia as well as at the Australian Embassy in New York, USA. She has had several solo exhibitions as well as been involved in multiple group exhibitions around Australia and overseas in Germany, China, Hong Kong and the USA. Her artworks provide us with a view of what the desert landscape may look like if we removed the top layer and her ability to do this indicates what a talented artist she is.


Paintings by Janet Long Nakamarra: