Aboriginal artist - Jeanie Napangardi LewisJeanie Napangardi Lewis

Skin Name: Napangardi
Country: Nyirripi, Northern Territory, Australia
Themes: Mina Mina

Jeanie Napangardi Lewis’ traditional country is Mina Mina west of Yuendumu. Jeanie’s family and Peggy’s family lived in and around Mina Mina before moving to Yuendumu, and then Nyirrpi where she has lived for many years..


Phyllis and Valerie are her two sisters. Jeanie has two children, Eric Fischer and Minnie Napangardi.

Jeanie’s painting is of her country. In her painting she is depicting birds, trees and bush potatoes around the small waterholes in Mina Mina..

She has recently returned to live in Yuendumu and is painting with the Warlukurlangu Artists every day.

Group Exihibitions
February 2007 Emerging, Gallery Gondwana, Sydney, NSW
2007 Desert Mob, Baguette Gallery, Brisbane in conjunction with Suzanne O’Connell Gallery
May – June 2007 Couples, painting partners from Yuendumu & Nyirrpi, Gadfly Gallery, Perth, WA

The British Museum


Painting/s by Jeanie Napangardi Lewis: