Marcia Turner

Marcia started painting at a young age under the tutelage of her mother, well known artist Margaret Turner Petyarre. Growing up she also watched her aunts, Gloria and Kathleen Petyarre, painting.

Using fine brush strokes Marcia paints body designs which are associated with women’s ceremony. Her paintings are well recognised for the impression of movement created by fine curvilinear shapes spread across the canvas.


Marcia, in painting distinctive and colourful linear designs,  has developed her own unique, contemporary style and interpretation of her Dreaming. She was born in December 1969 and now lives on her country, Atnangkere, at Boundary Bore (Atneltyey), a significant part of the Utopia art-making system. At Boundaary Bore she is in the company of other outstanding painters such as Jedda Purvis Kngwarreye, Kathleen Kemarre and Nora Moore. She is an Anmatyerre/Alyawarre speaker and in  many ways retains traditional values. This accounts for her concerns with women’s ceremonial designs (Awelye)(Dreaming) which appear in her paintings. Such body designs are closely related to a range of aspects from the natural world. They are closely intergrated with the rituals of food gathering.

Interviewed in late 2008, Marcia recalled the times when she went hunting with her father for kangaroos and gathering bush tucker with her female relatives and clanspeople. They foraged for Yams, goanna, bush tomato, bush banana, bush cocoanut, bush plums and witchetty grubs.

Marcia is well known in collector circles for her unique design and is represented by many local Art Galleries.


Paintings by Marcia Turner Petyarre: