Authentic Australian Aboriginal Art at Boomerang Art – Aboriginal Art Gallery

Boomerang Art - Aboriginal Art Gallery

Boomerang Art – Aboriginal Art Gallery was established in 1996 and displays some of Australia’s most beautiful Aboriginal Fine Art. Located on the Gold Coast in Australia, Boomerang Art maintains a strong working relationship with indigenous artists and offers customers guaranteed original and authentic paintings with certification as well as free shipping worldwide.


 OPEN 7 days 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.


View  and select from our extensive range of collectible artworks by significant Aboriginal Artists collected over the last 20 years or buy one of our recently painted affordable original paintings !


*Buy online or visit our Aboriginal Art Gallery  in  Southport (Gold Coast)”

Featured Artists

Gloria Petyarre

Wynne prize winner, highly awarded prolific indigenous artist, exhibited in numerous art galleries around the world.

Minnie Pwerle

Passed away in 2006. She was and still is one of the most popular and most collected Aboriginal artists.

Kathleen Petyarre

Genius of Place. One of Australia’s most famous living indigenous artists. She unfortunately is no longer able to paint.

Barbara Weir

Widely travelled and exhibited. Highly regarded internationally for her unique and beautiful art.

Lindsay Bird

Widely published and exhibited. A respected elder and community leader with a keen interest to pass on his culture to the next generation.

Galya Pwerle

A traditional woman, sister of famous Minnie Pwerle. She started to paint her dreamings in her eighties and still lives a simple life in her home country.

Abie Loy Kemarre

Her paintings are refined and in demand by lovers of contemporary Art. Granddaughter of famous Kathleen Petyarre.

Emily Pwerle

Collectors love her paintings. Emily was however never exposed to the wider world. She by now is about 95.